Tuesday, July 17, 2012

# 310 - Stefie's Man...Brice

Stefanie is my youngest daughter. She'll be 22 years old next month. Yes, she will. I know she looks 13-15 years old, sometimes she still gets handed the children's menu with crayons, but she really is almost 22 years old.

Anyway, her boyfriend Brice is a sweetheart. He and I can only hug when we see each other because Miss Stefie must always have the last hug when leaving. But, I love it when he teases Stefie and gives me a hug after she does because then we have to start all over with the rounds of hugs again --- she's a tad Obsessive Compulsive about having the last hug when saying good-bye, but that's how it rolls around here.

Since I get to write about my girls all the time, I'm picking on the boyfriends. Today is Brice's turn. Brice is working to finish his four-year degree in Criminal Justice. He's thought about being a police officer, which would be fine with Stefie, it's not as if she isn't prepared to live in a household of stresses that come with living with one who serves in law enforcement, but Brice is also seriously considering going into the military.

From Stefanie's angle, she'd make a wonderful military wife. Plus, her particular degree would enable her to get a job in just about any location they might encounter as a duty base.

She's finishing her degree in the area of Child Life Specialist...those are needed everywhere. It's a growing field with lots of opportunities. She's made to work with children and should be a blessing to many throughout her life.

As for Brice, he'd make a good military man. It'd be tough, but he has the personality that would make a great officer. He is a good observer; he is in tune with people around him and can pick up on subtle signs of concerning areas; he wants to serve; he's enthusiastic about the prospect of traveling for assignments; and he'd look GREAT in a uniform.

Building a place in the country is important to me because I also want these kids to have a stable place to come home to visit or to stay during transitions. Boy, do I know about transitions from being a military wife for a few years. My parents were beacons of light in the cloudy murkiness of transitioning from a life of military-everything to civilian-overload. Also, Brice has a love for old-fashioned country environments, so I know he will love our acreage. He's never been there, not yet, but I can't wait to show him the land so he can set out and explore.

Stefie and Brice at a Rockets game
with Brice's dad, Mr. Jay.

As a parent, you want to build a legacy and an inheritance for your children to take over once you're gone. I do believe that years ahead will find these two loving the land and becoming attached to it. Of course, Stefie has a stipulation to continuing a relationship with our must have a real potty zone, an actual "house" would be really nice. I don't blame her, she's done her fair share of roughing it.

She's now at a special's the age that has gone beyond the childhood years of running around like a banshee, not worrying about makeup, hair and dirt caked onto your skin...she's at the age of desiring a temperature-controlled-environment so the straightened hair can stay perfect and the makeup not sweat away...

On her way to do another assignment as
a Substitute Teacher...I don't ever remember
having teachers who looked like this!

...but the years will come soon enough, the years I've hit, where you again are free from worry about the makeup, hair and don't care so much that sweat is running down all over your body...since she's in that middle stage of controlled prettiness, the land is less appealing. One day, she'll be like the kid she used to be and will be running wild and free again. It will happen. It's in her bones and soul to be one with the forest. Her inner-Teepee can never be destroyed. I can already picture her running with her kids all over the acreage, her teaching them to look for tadpoles and minnows in the creek as she did while growing up and free to roam with an exploring eye of appreciation for nature.

So, Brice is a perfect match for little Stefanie. They have lots of adventures in store for them.

As long as its not Alaska. They don't want to go to Alaska. And for all of you who have served in the military and understand how it works, you already know, Brice will likely get orders to serve in Alaska.

I guess we better start putting back money for a winter wardrobe for Stefie. Burrrr!!


Tombstone Livestock said...

did we miss Heather in "Say Yes to the Dress", has it been on TV yet?

Tombstone Livestock said...

did we miss Heather in "Say Yes to the Dress", has it been on TV yet? said...

Tombstone Livestock - It aired the 7th of July. But, I think it will also be replaying, they usually replay those shows on TLC. It was so nice. It's amazing how long it takes to film to do their longer segments for those that get outside filming, such as they did for Heather. It was an awesome experience. If you see it, I love the part of Heather and Henry riding on the 4-wheeler in the country the MOST!


Vickie said...

These are two purdy kids, Lana. They look cute together and sounds like they are made for each other, too. You have beautiful daughters - sometimes I look at them, and they don't even look like sisters. But both gorgeous in their own ways...

Michelle said...

If Brice joins the Air Force. Alaska will be a hard base to get. We are military. We had to go over seas in order to go to Alaska. The base at Anchorage is a lot different then most people think it is. If your an outdoors person, you will love Anchorage. If not, you won't. Yes you get snow and it does get cold. But the summers are in the 70's. The Northern light are a must see. It is beautiful country. Winter or summer.
After his first assignment. He will be able to do a wish list. You write down three places you would like to go.Then the military will try to send you to one of the three.
It was a good life for me. I was raised in it, then married into it. I saw the show. Your daughter looked beautiful!

Melodie said...

That is a cute couple! Life in the military is an adventure for sure.I know you will miss them. My son says if he joins the military he is asking for Alaska,lol!

Anonymous said...

Brice and Stefie make a handsome couple. I wish Brice all the best in whatever he decides to do.
Maybe Military Police is the answer. said...

Vickie - Thank you! There is a dichotomy with my girls, on one hand, they are so much alike in mannerisms and in many features, then they are so different in size and bone structure. They both of the "Teague" chin, but Stefie actually has her dad's (dare say" square jaw. Heather has her mom's jaw, but has her daddy's frame which inclues the full-figured features that definitely come from my side of the family ---

Michelle - Personally, I would LOVE to go see all-things-Alaska!! But, I don't think these Texas kiddos realize there are truly miserable places out there to be stationed, Alaska would'nt be so bad. As for that "Wish List" -- most of our military buddies, including us, wasted our time filling it out. My husband and I were Texans, he served with me over there with him for three years in GERMANY, the wish list came up, ten slots, we put every base we could find as close to our hometown as possible and where did we get orders for? New Hampshire!!! It happened to lots of our military friends, stationed no where close to anything on the wish list. We all learned that it's a hit-or-miss situation. We did get diverted to Fort Worth, which was incredible, but it wasn't because of the Wish List. New Hampshire? Really? I still have to laugh.

Melodie - Maybe we can get these kids to WANT to go to Alaska so we can visit some place we've not yet seen! It's all about the parents and where they need to go on vacation, remember that my children! No, I don't want to see Greenland. Well, I've already see it, by air.

Sueb - I think Brice would have a lot of fun in the military. I'm rooting for him to get that degree so he can go in higher than enlisted status...when you've lived this life, you see the big differences between the person who goes straight in without preparation and those who go in after the education is handled...big difference in rank, responsibility and pay. That's the truth of it.